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We convert paper documents into dimensionally accurate AutoCAD files. Scanned drawings, blueprints and pdf files

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The first thing about the paper to CAD conversion, “Save Paper – Save Trees” is a quote you have highly heard about. Exactly, according to the current scenario, everyone is keen on following it actively. The tough part of drawings and designs for construction or a building should be highly made with lots of effort. So, such precious energy should protect without any damage to it.

An engineer takes the paper or chart everywhere he travels while he was working with the construction plan. Handling the effort along with you everywhere seems to be risky. Similarly, it doesn’t stay long enough until you complete the project. With this to make people working made easy, AutoCAD projects introduced merely with new technological systems to make your document carry comfortably. And you don’t need to draw it for hours; we make it simple by converting at one shot.

We convert paper documents into dimensionally specific AutoCAD files. Trained AutoCAD drafters and checkers manually trace scanned drawings, blueprints and pdf files. We use AIA standard conventions as a default, or we can use your layer standards, title blocks and line weights. We offer top quality cad conversions at the most affordable rates in the market and take pride in our work. Call us for when you need to outsource converting scanned blueprints to .dwg for fast and accurate cad conversions.

Some services offer a paper to cad conversion service that uses software to process a scanned image into a cad format. This scan to cad method works well for archiving older drawings. However, the problem with this scan to cad conversion process is that it produces a picture that lacks accuracy. Many aspects of the cad conversion can be distorted, including scale and line accuracy.

The paper drawings are subject to wear & tear, fade with time & are costly to store. On the other hand, the electronic version can reviewed, edited & plotted with ease and are safe & secure to store, handle & share.

Using software: AUTOCAD


Advantages Of Outsourcing Paper To CAD Conversion:

  • Save Paper, Save time.
  • Carrying your copy ends at risk, so making it comfortable saves your efforts.
  • If any changes occur, you should rub out your plans and rewrite. Here everything is completed recorded and saved so you can drive in anytime for changes.
  • Accurate output and high-quality drawings can see.
  • Don’t need to spend for drafters to carry all your documents everyone, so it saves your spendings.
  • Loss of data can’t be occured as everything completely stored and secured.

Procedures of Microdra

We receive any format of the file like jpg, tiff, pdf, rough sketch, hand sketch, etc., if the client has a standard file which contains layers and the line weight want to send along the data. We will complete the drawings as per the requirements and send the output as per the client expectation format through FTP, Dropbox, Mail, etc.;

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