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Earlier, paperwork was the only mode of presentation for engineers, all drawings and kind of images where handmade. But nowadays, the entire process turns out to be advanced with practical science & technology which also saves time & effort. With the advent of technology, the design making and drawings had become even more convenient, making it easy for the engineers to edit and improve the designs with CAD Systems.

All are enlightened with CAD services that are being primarily used by the civil engineers as it can respond quickly to the needs and can also work within a short span of time. Before leading to drafters, there should be a perfect plan measures for bringing out reality in it.

Project Accuracy & Timely deliverance are significant factors in the process of 2D drafting and drawing with Microdra. The progress in simple will be informed to the clients on a regular basis. We have a smooth relationship in between with the client to make the process more valuable and successful throughout.

Our core skills lie within MEP (M&E) and architectural projects. This system allows us to deliver high-quality Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Outsourcing which segregates as-built drawing services, CAD conversion, 2D drafting, 3D modelling, rendering and animation solutions that are efficient not only regarding cost but also for ease of installation and maintenance.

In MICRODRA we didn’t have separate services for civil and architectural, because both have some definite works to do and cannot work alone without the help of one-anotherWe have more and well experience in Civil & Architectural most of the drawings done on INDIA & U.S.A.


Benefits In Signing With Microdra:

  • Data shared with us will be safe & secure.
  • Accurate results & timely deliverance.
  • Expert team with extensive knowledge of CAD drafting.
  • Services delivered with high quality.
  • Drawings & Designs gives valuable finishings. 

House plan drawings


Photoshop floor plan


AutoCAD 3D


3d real view visualization